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Our mission is to provide essential baby items to families in need, ensuring all babies have an equal start to life.

When a mother embarks on the journey of pregnancy, she faces a challenging road ahead, often with limited support and a modest budget. Even with more financial resources, acquiring all the essential, safe products for a newborn’s healthy start can be prohibitively expensive. Additionally, new mothers are often overwhelmed by the uncertainty of what items are truly necessary.

Founder & Mother

Mia considers herself incredibly fortunate to come from Finland, a country where the Maternity package has stood as a revered tradition for 75 years. With two children born there, she’s experienced firsthand the profound support it offers new mothers. Mia expresses deep gratitude for this comprehensive package, acknowledging its capacity to profoundly impact the lives of both mothers and babies. She founded Baby Bundle Box after recognizing the pressing need for similar support for mothers in New Jersey.

It was a weight off my shoulders to receive all the essentials in one box

Mia Villon


We believe that all children deserve an equal start to life, regardless of socio-economic status. Our primary focus is supporting new mothers from disadvantaged backgrounds in Northern NJ, aiming to strengthen our community from the ground up.


We’re devoted to improving mothering practices in our community. Our goal is to educate new mothers on vital topics like safe bed-sharing and SIDS prevention, empowering them to feel confident and equipped for the many challenges of parenthood


Social awareness is at the core of our mission. We are deeply committed to supporting parenthood within marginalized communities through outreach programs and events designed to shine a light on the challenges faced by mothers in today’s society.


We’re committed to fostering collaboration with all pillars of the family unit. We actively engage with vital community organizations such as women’s shelters and hospitals to establish a comprehensive support network for new and struggling mothers.


We want to protect the future by establishing a support network for new families facing hardships in New Jersey.


We are a volunteer-run, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt not-for-profit corporation founded in 2020. 

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