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The Box


With roots in Finland

The Baby Bundle Box concept draws inspiration from a longstanding Finnish tradition dating back to the 1930s, a period during which Finland achieved one of the lowest infant mortality rates globally. This tradition has been integral to promoting infant health and well-being, serving as a model for communities worldwide.

Baby essentials

Each box is carefully curated with essentials from newborn to 12 months, holding an estimated value of $299.00. These thoughtfully selected items provide crucial support for parents, ensuring they have everything they need for their little one’s growth and well-being.

Safe sleeping

Once emptied, the box serves as a secure sleeping space for infants during their first trimester, providing parents with peace of mind knowing their little one is resting safely.

Hygiene products

Every box is equipped with essential hygiene products, including feminine care items and condoms, prioritizing the health and well-being of parents and fostering positive relationships.


Every baby deserves soft, cozy fabrics to keep them snug and warm. Our boxes feature clothing suitable for newborns up to 12 months, ensuring they stay comfortable in every season. We also provide safe fabrics for cleaning and bedding to keep your baby clean, cozy, and content.

Clothing: 0-12 months
Towels and bibs
Linens and blankets
Bassinet mattresses


Raising a baby comes with its costs, especially when it comes to acquiring safe toiletries and essential tools. Recognizing this challenge, each box is thoughtfully stocked with a sufficient supply of toiletries and hygienic products to ensure your baby’s well-being and your peace of mind throughout parenthood.

Diapers and wipes
Bottles and pacifiers
Nursing pads


Every child deserves a treasured toy that will bring them joy for years to come. That’s why each box is filled with safe and engaging toys, carefully selected to promote the health and well-being of the child.

Infant toys
Baby books
Bath toys

Safety warning

For the safety of your child, never shut the box lid with your baby inside. Keep the lid open and ensure continuous supervision when using the Baby Bundle. Closing the lid with your baby inside can lead to suffocation and severe harm. Always prioritize your child’s safety and well-being

Do i qualify?



Proof of maternity

Recipients must undergo a health check before the child’s birth and provide proof of pregnancy/maternity. Applications are accepted after the 7th month of pregnancy, supported by a certificate from a doctor or maternity clinic. Alternatively, parents can apply up to the baby’s 3rd month, providing a copy of the birth certificate.


NJ Residents

All applicants must be residents of New Jersey at the time of pregnancy or maternity to be eligible. Applicants must provide a valid New Jersey address with their application for consideration. However, out-of-state applications from New York City, NY, and Miami, FL will be reviewed and potentially granted under certain circumstances.


First-time mothers

If you are experiencing financial hardship during your first pregnancy and require baby essentials from 0 to 12 months, you are eligible to apply for a maternity package. Please note that repeated requests within the same family are not permitted. Additionally, some restrictions may apply if there are multiple children in the family.

Submitting an application does not guarantee receipt of a Baby Bundle Box. It’s important to note that maternity packages are contingent upon the availability of donations to supply essential items. Variations in package contents may occur based on received donations.